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Full Legalization is off the table this year, but we still have a chance to fix Decriminalization

Sign this petition requesting that the decriminalization of cannabis be included in an offer from either Chair Carlos Mariani or Chair Warren Limmer to the public safety working group which includes language from HF1355, HF2652 & SF2348.

1. Correct the injustice of treating non flower marijuana as a crime even in amounts of 8 grams or less.

2. Correct Minnesota's small amount decriminalization statute to make it a true petty misdemeanor. Federal courts have held that Minnesota’s petty misdemeanor statute is not actually a petty misdemeanor, but is a crime because the small amount possession statute is more than just a petty misdemeanor with a fine only.

3. People convicted of felony possession for 8 grams or le

ss of non-flower marijuana could petition for criminal record expungement and restoration of civil rights to own firearms.


We have a REAL chance to get this done this year, but we need all hands on deck! 👋🖐🖖✋🤚👌🤘✌️🤞🙌🤲👐🤏👈

Sign it. Share It. Then Share It Again!


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