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Is Legal Marijuana Now Being used to Spoil Elections in Minnesota?

A reporter form Minn Post told me that LMN had endorsed Smith, Becvar, and some of the other Republican-instigated imposters who filed on the LMN ticket.

That's not so smart.

Those people were instructed to invade LMN for the purpose of keeping the DFL from winning a majority in the Senate.

Robyn Smith said so explicitly to Pat Coolican in that MN Reformer story of June 15.

Minnesota Reformer Article on spoiler candidates

Consider the facts:

Republican control of the State Senate is ALL that is blocking progress on cannabis reform, even possibly legalization, in Minnesota.

This year, the Republican State Senate leadership BLOCKED needed improvements in the medical program, such as letting patients obtain flowers which they've been denied since the law was passed in 2014; also blocked were other proposals that would have benefited patients.

Over the past 40 years, Republicans have always been the die-hard enemies of progress, and the most rabid persecutors at the Capitol.

Has it been forgotten that Republican Gov Pawlenty vetoed even a totally-watered-down medical bill in 2009?

Is it of no concern that at the national level, Mitch McConnell and his Republicans have prevented a dozen or more cannabis law reforms from even being heard in the US Senate? That the Trump regime has demanded maximum charges for all federal drug prosecutions, including marijuana? Trump tells the Republicans in Wisconsin just this week, "Don't let marijuana questions get onto the ballot."---Another example of his utter contempt for democracy and fair and honest elections, since citizens put those advisory referenda on the ballot. But Wisconsin Republicans have been subverting and suppressing democratic government through voter suppression, gerrymandering, dismantling civil service, forcing in-person voting in the pandemic, and so forth.

President Trump on Monday urged Republicans not to place marijuana legalization initiatives on state ballots out of concern that it will increase Democratic turnout in elections.

Sure, the DFL had some extreme prohibitionists in its ranks--and still has a few. But good grief, they have a sympathetic governor in office, the House leadership is receptive to legalization (although not as liberal as I'd like it) and the door would be open if the Senate weren't controlled by the Republicans.

I don't get it.

Here is an atrocious act of aggressive election fraud, intended to discredit the legalization cause, and the legal weed parties, and to reinforce the SOLE legislative obstacle to progress on something we've been fighting hard for for almost 50 years . . .

and LMN embraces and endorses these rat finks?

My god, these imposters are Trump cultists---part of the 45% of brainwashed zombies who worship the "pussy-grabbing" racist wanna-be dictator; the confederate-flag-waver and insulter of dead soldiers' parents and putrid parody of piety posing with a Bible he's never opened much less studied; this corrupter-in-chief whose tally of lies and falsehoods proclaimed from his position of authority and responsibility is now over 20,000---just about any single one of which would have ruined the political career of any previous figure in American public life. They follow their demi-god because, you see, he gives them a license to hate, and that's worth more in their hearts than 250 years of "all men are created equal."

These Trump zombies set out to sabotage both the weed parties, and give the legalization cause a black eye in the process,

. . . and LMN endorses the snakes?

How did something like this get over?

What was the position of the authentic candidates? I mean the old-timers like Ed, Andy, Dennis, Patti? What part if any was taken by the Libertarian hitch-hikers, Kevin O'Connor and Mary O'Connor? What actual endorsement procedure took place, and was it conformable to the party constitution?

Just exactly what pretexts or what kind of pathetic excuses could be offered to justify such a suicidal and self-destructive decision is incomprehensible.

The last thing I want to do is get into a fight with the unfortunate and pathetically deluded persons who have created so much distraction and division within our small nucleus of volunteers. But this is so bizarre that I won't be able to ignore it, but will have to spend the next two months trying to find the most effective way to explain the disaster to the 150,000 unsuspecting Minnesota voters who favored us with their votes two years ago.

As if we didn't have enough problems already.

Nauseatedly, Ollie

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