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Legal Marijuana Now hits the state parade's in 2018

In 2018 The Legal Marijuana Now Party has been fighting an uphill battle in order to light up the election's in 2018.

With less than two weeks to collect over 14,000 signature  LMN candidates and volunteers were able to get 7 Candidates on the ballot for the 2018 Elections on November 6th.

(Find your polling place at )

In order to gain support and build momentum LMN has been gathering at local events and parades educating the community on the Benefits of Cannabis and why it should be Legalized in Minnesota. 

In 2014 Dan Vacek ran for Attorney General with little to no funding but a determination to put the Words LMN on the Minnesota State Ballot. he was able to get nearly 60,000 votes. Not enough to win but was able to get the votes needed for LMN to become an official Minor Political Party in the state of Minnesota. In order to maintain a minor Political Party in Minnesota we will need to get 1% of the vote in a State Wide 

But it will not be possible without your help! Please sign up , get active and get involved, if you would like to see our issue get the attention it deserves. Also Please consider Donating as Little as $1 Dollar Now at FordForMn.Org/donate

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