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Gubernatorial Candidate Rebecca Otto changes views on Legal Cannabis.

Earlier this year we were able to meet with Gubernatorial candidates during a forum in Minneapolis.

At the time there were 4 DFL Candidates running for Governor that stated support for Full legalization of adult personal use. Including Chris Coleman, Paul Thiessen, Tim Walz and Tina Liebling.

Rebecca Otto at the time of the forum was not in support of Legalization.

Since then all but one (Tim Walz) of those cannabis friendly candidates have dropped out of the race. Diminishing the hopes and options for local cannabis activists and supporters to vote for a friendly Governor this election.

Recently Rebecca has changed her views on Cannabis and gained the endorsement of Representative Tina Liebling. Who was previously running for Governor and is now seeking re-election in the House.

Tina has been one of many strong voices in legislature fighting for the people to help end Cannabis prohibition in Minnesota. She authored a bill in 2017 (HF2714) which would legalize personal adult use.

Unfortunately, that bill amongst other introduced by Rep Jason Metsa, and Rep Jon Appelbaum did not get much action and were unable get a hearing.

Rebecca has now had a change of heart stating at a recent meet and greet in Saint Paul that its time to Legalize adult personal use. She went on to say that she understands the importance of the issue "we need to release non-violent cannabis users, also expungement of criminal records for cannabis convictions."

Local activists and supporters from Minnesota NORML, Legal Marijuana Now and The Minnesota Campaign For Full Legalization showed up in full force to press Rebecca on the issue. Telling their own experiences about how cannabis prohibition has prevented some from getting the help they need while others discussed racial disparities in cannabis arrests.

This is a plant stated Marcus Harcus as he pulled a bud from his pocket showing the room saying "I'm not afraid to show this, we just want to be free"

In my opinion cannabis has always been a wedge issue. The issue comes up more and more during election time. Yet it has not gained the momentum needed to actually push legislators from both the DFL and GOP to take serious action to finally end prohibition in Minnesota. With all the scientific evidence, studies, even the success of currently legal states where opiate overdoses have declined, economy's have grown and provided jobs and tax revenue. Minnesota is still way behind on Cannabis.

What are you thoughts?

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