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A Message From The Management!

A MESSAGE FROM THE MANAGEMENT. Dear American people, It makes perfect sense that now it is legal to grow your own medicine in certain parts of the country, growing it for someone else is not. It is money that matters, not people feeling good, and we enjoy a good fight as you know, so we now have something else to fight about within legalisation itself, as the war on drugs is one we enjoy waging. Besides, we already receive money from Pharma to fuck with you. We really enjoy their contributions, and we have come to enjoy the way fucking with you feels. We can’t have you using Cannabis so freely. Pharma want their money back, and so do we, and they need you to keep taking the pills at huge profit to them, regardless of whether they contain more and more side effects, and we need you to need us so you will keep taking them. So we don’t want you free, like you are capable of doing things yourself, but the slaves we need you to be to do the work we prefer not to do. We do not want you to know that we need you more than you need us. We like the huge amount of tax dollars we get from selling you the plant, but the more you gain from it, the harder it is to hold onto you, so we keep things nice and complicated – making sure state law and federal law are opposed, different states have different rules so that you are always wondering what you can and what you can’t do, which just keeps you with us rather nicely. It is because you wanted to use it so much that it gave us the idea of what we could achieve by letting you. So as you use it, as you have always done, and many who haven’t used it before now feel they can do so, so it is our intention to keep you under our control by ensuring that at no time will you ever feel truly free when you do. All the needlessly complicated and controlling laws we put in place, in every area of your life, feel just as real; their weight imposes itself powerfully. This ensures you will never ignore us. Feeling fear keeps you with us, and as long as you remain living in large cities, we can ensure you really feel it. That is why other governments, like China, are using powerful controlling tactics to force and manipulate workers into more of them. We know many are happy to live under our control, blissfully unaware of what is really going on. For them, to take responsibility for themselves will never feel as warm and as cosy as letting us decide, and we are good at subtly ensuring they get ill a lot, then make it complicated to get help, keep the cost of doing so high, the minefield that is insurance and having it pay out…challenging, so that thoughts of letting go of us are but a wistful dream, like winning the lottery is designed to be. We want you numb after work, and so like you to drink plenty of alcohol, and we keep it nice and cheap for you, while we make Cannabis expensive. So, while we know the plant is right for you. It helps you feel good, love, heal, and get connected, we would like you to feel that you are always 100% sure, that doing just what we tell you is always what you choose to do. Enjoy your plant. 

Dear Management Thank you for the insight into how you do things. You seem very confident revealing it so clearly as you have. But you have overlooked something. There are plenty who see what you do, and how you do it, and while you are right, many are affected by fear, your tactics are no longer as insidious as they once were. In fact, revealing it here shows an arrogance that is the very thing that will be your undoing. You may control the media, influence what we think, make things harder, keep us afraid of a future we do not prefer. We know what you want, but it will not be so easy to achieve it. You cannot control the internet, cannot stop the truth from getting out. We will shine a light on you at every turn, making everything you do visible. The idea that you are powerful is something you need us to believe, when it is we who are powerful, and you who serve us, even if you think otherwise. Cannabis helps people feel free. Free of pain, free of suffering, free of big Pharma, free of you. Many have used it for much of their lives, and many do not give a fuck whether you say it is legal or not. It is not for you to tell us what we can or can’t grow if it brings us relief, makes us feel good, feel better, heal. We already grow it; plants in a cupboard, a spare room, or in the garden, and not just for ourselves but to share, without fear of being discovered. In fact we act more and more as if you do not matter, have no say, cannot interfere regardless of how many rules you come up with. And not only is cannabis medicine, regardless of the reason we take it, but as you attempt to control how it gets used, we are still healing with it. We use it, and keep quiet, not because we are afraid of you, but because we don’t want you to know how free we are becoming, so you keep thinking you are in control as you have always thought. We are coming for you, and you will not see us do so because you think we are not capable of reaching you. We are not interested in letting those whose interest is self-serving remain in positions where they can do this. We will not resist you openly as we know you are able to respond if we do, but we are changing, slowly, surely, internally, in a way you cannot see, so that while it looks like it is still ‘business as usual’ for you, it is not. So we WILL enjoy the plant, as we continue to live our lives. Bring people together, as we share knowledge and experience, countering fear with love, and without fear what are you? And while many remain glued to their TV, watching everything you want them to see, and feel afraid of what they imagine will happen, what they cannot control, they are still waking up, because we are shaking them, with the truth of what you are. And once you are exposed, you have nowhere to hide, and cannot act like you are in control when it is obvious you are not. So please carry on doing just what you do. We do not want you to change a thing. We have taken matters into our own hands, and when we are ready, you will know. And remember, the system is only as good as the people who work within it – and they are also us; our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, friends and neighbours, changing things from the inside. Loving kindness is what we are, and that will be what moves us, as we care for those who need it along the way. And the plant is helping us do this. Enjoy your power. 

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