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Get out and Vote

The Legal Marijuana Now Party has candidates on the ballot in the November 8th election.  Please vote.  If you are already registered to vote, but don't know where to vote, go to and follow the prompts.

    Not registered? OK, Minnesota allows you to register on Election Day.

    Step 1: Go to and find out where you vote (your polling place.)  It is usually a school, church, or city or county office.  YOU CAN'T VOTE  ON-LINE.  You have to vote in person in the community where you live.

     Step 2: Bring a proof of residence to the polling place.

One of these:

ID or Driver License with name and your present address.

or, Photo ID plus another document like a rental contract or something showing your present address.

or, A voter in your neighborhood (called a "precinct") who is already registered and who can confirm ("vouch for") the fact that you live at your address.

     Step 3:  Fill out registration form.

      Step 4: Vote!  Your vote is private and no  Election Official is allowed to ask how you vote, or to see your ballot unless you ask for assistance.


   WHAT: Election Day:

   WHEN: Tuesday, November 8. Polls in Minnesota are open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. 

   WHERE:   You can't vote on-line, you have to go in person.  Follow the prompts on the Secretary of State's website

   HOW:  This year in Minnesota, we can't change the law with our votes, like they are doing in California, Nevada, and other states--following the lead of Colorado & Oregon & Washington.  

     But we can make the state count the votes for our candidates, who are on the ballot with the words "Legal Marijuana Now" next to their names.

   WHY:  It won't be easy to get the lawmakers to legalize cannabis in Minnesota.  We have to go step-by-step. 

     VOTING ON TUESDAY IS THE NEXT STEP--DO IT!  Spread the word so all your friends vote too. Tuesday, Nov. 8. 

    Let's Get Growing!

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