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Vote For Legal Marijuana Now Candidates Nov 8th

To vote for Legal Weed in Minnesota, here's what

to do:

Go to to find out where you vote, AND look at a sample ballot.

Minnesota does not allow "we the people" to put the law itself onto the ballot, like they did in Colorado and are doing this year in California. So we can't vote directly to change the law in this election.

BUT you can still make your voice heard because we do have Legal Marijuana Now candidates on the ballot.

Look carefully at your sample ballot.

VOTE: Dan Vacek and Mark Elworth for President and Vice-President.

(Everywhere in Minnesota.)

VOTE: U.S. representative District 4: Susan Pendergast Sindt

(Ramsey county & northern part of Washington county.)

VOTE: U.S. representative District 5: Dennis Schuller

(Minneapolis, some nearby suburbs, and Fridley)

VOTE: State Senate District 60: Martin Super

(NE and SE Minneapolis.)

Vote on November 8th, if you haven't voted already by absentee or early voting.

You can't vote on-line, you have to get a paper ballot.

If you are not registered to vote, you can register on Election Day, Nov. 8.

See to learn how to register on Nov. 8.

For more information please see Facebook page for #LegalMarijuanaNow; or website

It's your right as an American citizen to vote. Be sure to contact all your family and friends who are eligible to vote and get them all to vote too!

VOTING is how they won legalized marijuana in Colorado, Washington, Alaska, & Oregon!

(A public service message from the Legal Marijuana Now party, 1835 Englewood, St. Paul, MN 55104 Pass it on!)

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